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How can businesses leverage Google's new free AI image generator for marketing and branding purposes?

Google has recently introduced ImageFX, marking its entry into the burgeoning market of AI-driven image generation tools, signaling its belief in the necessity for at least one more option in this innovative domain. Unlike its sibling publication ImagineFX, ImageFX stands out as Google's premiere text-to-image generator accessible to the broader public. What sets ImageFX apart are its "expressive chips," essentially dropdown menus offering suggestions to refine user prompts, facilitating the exploration of creative possibilities with ease. This feature leverages the capabilities of Imagen 2, a model developed by Google DeepMind, which, unlike ImageFX, is restricted to select Google Cloud customers through Vertex AI. While ImageFX is freely available for now, it doesn't quite match the realism found in competitors like Midjourney, according to early social media feedback. Yet, its user-friendly interface has garnered praise, making it a favored choice among AI image generators.

ImageFX is hosted on Google's AI Test Kitchen, a platform dedicated to trialing Google's AI innovations, though its availability is currently limited to users in the US, Kenya, New Zealand, and Australia, and only in English. The tool embeds a digital watermark, SynthID, and IPTC metadata in its outputs, clearly indicating their AI-generated nature. Google has adopted a cautious approach in deploying ImageFX, implementing stringent measures and gradually extending access to evaluate its performance. Alongside, Google has integrated free AI image generation into its Bard AI chatbot globally, though ImageFX's outputs reportedly surpass those created by Bard in quality.


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